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My Favorites

Wind's Favorites

Thought I would make a page of my favorites,maybe we have some favorites in common

Favorite: FOOD:Pizza and French Fries and Salad,although I can't eat pizza anymore cause I have to eat gluten free.But I still have my french fries once in a while
And for Fruit it would have to be bananas and tropical fruits,coconut is a favorite too
For desserts it would be ice cream,vanilla with rainbow sprinkles,but haven't been eating that anymore,but eat a Edy's coconut whole fruit pop once in awhile and like my lemon pudding from Snack Pack

COLOR:I think Yellow and Orange and Pink and Purple are my favorite colors,I like bright colors for decorating in my apartment,my place is decorated very tropical looking
MUSIC:I like all kinds of music,I love to hear new sounds that I have never heard before.But my faves at this time are Joss Stone,Kelly Clarkson,Sade,3 Doors Down is my fave band.Love Santana and his guitar,I like sexy sounding music and music you can slow sexy dance to and also music that you can fast dance to that has a good beat,I like to dance once in awhile and I love to sing,I sang in a band for awhile when I was in my late teens,different songs remind me of different times in my life and people,I would love to go salsa dancing sometime,I also love the native american flute music and pow wow stuff and nature music

MUSIC VIDEOS:I love the music video for Chris Isaak's Wicked Games,also Jessica Simpson's the Sweetest Sin video is pretty hot,and I like the Joss Stone videos

MOVIES:My favorite movie is The Jungle Book with Jason Scott Lee,he's cute and I identify with that story,another movie I love is Dance with Me,with Chayanne and Vanessa Williams,I loved all the dancing in it and the romantic story line,I like the chick flicks.I also liked Two Moon Junction,that was a very sexual movie,gets your blood boiling,it's the forbidden type of love story,also liked Dirty Dancing Havana Nights and The Notebook,the Notebook really made me cry

PLACES:I would like to go anywhere that is tropical,some of the places I would like to see are Hawaii,Puerto Rico and all the islands,Australia,New Zealand,and the entire United States,I would like to visit all the places that are sacred to the American Indian

BOOK:Prescription for Nutritional Healing,it's my bible of health books.I am always reading this book,they have so much useful information

FLOWER:I love all flowers and plants but my favorite are the large tropical ones and vines,I love the hibscus and Cannas,Yucca and Aloe and Birds of Paradise,Trumpet Vines,Clematis,Morning Glories and Asian lillies,Fuschia plants and citrus trees

DREAMS AND GOALS:My biggest dream is to swim with dolphins,I just love them.They are such magical and awesome animals,I read that their sonar can heal the human mind,that's why they are able to get children that have autism to talk for the first time.I so want to connect to a dolphin,it would be a awesome experience
Another dream of mine is to have my own restaurant,I would have island type foods and other stuff too,and have it like a tropical paradise,I would have the ceiling be made of fiberglass and be like a big greenhouse,and you could watch through the windows the aviary on the outside filled with many different kinds of birds in a rainforest atmosphere with a big waterfall and all and when the place was clear and no one is around,I'll take myself to the waterfall and have a nice swim and relax and if there is a cute guy with me,maybe have some fun too.And tropical music and beats playing,I would have a seperate part that I would live in and have my office in,that I would do Reiki in and have healing circles and other stuff too.It would be a very balanced and relaxing place to be and it would be in Florida since tourism is huge here or I would have a health food store that serves food and has a tropical motive to it,just things I think about to make money and enjoy what I'm doing
I am also thinking about going to college at 41,I think I would like to be a nutrition counseler for WIC and be bilingual there are alot of spanish speaking people here in Florida.Or I would like to teach nutrition to kids,make it fun with characters and stuff,alot of kids don't know about eating right because their parents aren't informed,if they learn from a early age,they would have less health problems.There are many different job ideas I have just have to see what comes up.

I am also going to try yoga to help me relax and get some of the stress out of my life.I am also working on getting myself back into shape and fit.I don't want to be skinny,I just want to be healthy and fit and take care of my body,so that I can live longer and feel good about myself,I also want to set a good example for my daughter so that she will learn to eat right and take care of her health at a early age,and she already is at a good start,she is a good student in healthy lifestyles

And I want to wear those pretty island dresses and I always wanted to get some black leather,but was always to fat to wear it,so if I get my body the way I want it and it looks good enough for the black leather,I'm going for it with some lace too:)Laughing

My other dream is to own a house someday,hopefully by the beach in Venice Florida.I would love to have my own gardens again and have some dogs and cats and a permanent home for Cheyenne and I,a place to stay for her to visit after she is out on her own and know that's where I will always be.And also cause I love the beach and where I live now,the beach is a hour away.I can't smell it from here.

TATTOOS:I don't have any now,but I'm thinking about it,I would really like a sun on my back up above my butt with dolphins jumping,like the girls are getting.But I doubt I will ever get one,I am to old for that now.I don't like them on girls on their arms though.I think some look neat on guys though on their arms,like the tribal bands looks cool.Just wondering if it's going to be really painful.Oh well,still have to think about that one,but I gave birth,so guess it couldn't be as bad as that for pain